VP Rewards

Special Introductory offer for Small Business (Melbourne Only)

The first 100 businesses who purchase either the Small Business Support Package or qualify to join the Area Consultant Team (many will be both), will be given the first option to become an Area Franchise (on a first in basis in their postcode area).

VP Rewards Card $55 including GST

A standard feature of this card will be a 10% discount at all VP Rewards outlets that accept the loyalty program.

Special Introductory Offer

Platinum VP Rewards Card The first 500 subscribers who purchase a Premium Package $175

This introductory offer includes the following:

$120 (buy 3 get 1 free deal) plus the VP Rewards Card normally $55, (no annual fee EVER, exclusive to first 500 cards purchased)!

These early adopter will be issued with a Platinum VP Rewards offering special release products (our own online shopping items), direct exclusives (travel, accommodation packages as new offers become available), and pay no annual subscription fee EVER to keep their Cloud storage library active (we host their image for free as long as they are active users over a 12 month period). Other direct incentives to join the Platinum VP Rewards Card offer will be a special (Reserved Franchise guarantee), where when purchasing the Platinum Card a person indicates (a tick box) they may be interested in a Franchise region/postcode, that person will be offered first right of refusal to purchase an exclusive Franchise for the region/postcode they nominated!